Our Story Begins Here

A long time ago, in a forum far, far away, a battle raged. For eons a fierce struggle had ravaged the forum, and with constant intervention from moderators no one was allowed to have fun. :(

Many of the inhabitants of that forum portrayed themselves as creatures of virtue and peace, under the guise of being “nice”. However, there were those who held a higher regard for equality, individuality, integrity and humour.

This is the story of those members who were not “nice”…..

In the beginning, We created found-utopia.com.

And We said, Let there be Humour, and there was Humour.
We saw the Humour, and it was good.

And We said, Let this be a place where adults can come to have fun, express an opinion without having to agree with the majority, embrace their individuality, and foster mutual respect and understanding.
And We made this, and it was so.

And We said, Let all members of our community be known as FUCers (FoundUtopia.Com.ers), and FUCing was born.

And We said, Our place is not a Home without valuable FUCollectables™ that We can purchase to support the cost of housekeeping, and our FUCing Shop was created.

And We saw every thing that We had made,
and behold, it was very good.
We hope you think so too :)
The FUCommandments
1. Thou shalt possess a sense of humour at all times

2. Thou shalt respect thy fellow FUCers, even those thoust do not agree with

3. Thou shalt own the words thou says, at all times, and without prejudice

4. Thou shalt welcome n00bie FUCers into the fold unreservedly, and without judgement, leaving any baggage and prior history at the door

5. Thou shalt be judged based on thou actions and words in FUC, and FUC alone

6. Thou shalt accept and abide by the atmosphere of unity and mutual support offered to all those FUCers in need

7. Thou shalt judge not, lest ye be judged

8. Thou shalt accept responsibility for all thoust actions, and not point fingers or lay blame at another’s feet

9. Thou shalt embrace and support thy fellow FUCers individuality and opinions, and accept that any differences are to be recognised and celebrated, not beaten out of them

10. Thou shalt follow all the FUCommandments™ lest ye be branded a fucktard


Phil Lockman
fearless fil

28/04/'46 - 31/05/'05

Anyone who visited the eBay Australia Community Boards prior to May 2005 would remember fearless fil and the presence he commanded there.

fearless was our Aussie eBay icon - more well-known than Simon, Dina or any other eBay Aus employee. Fil was one of the first eBayers to find the boards and spent many hours there dispensing advice and flaunting his own inimitable brand of humour.

Anyone who came into contact with Fil personally soon realised what a genuinely caring and generous soul he was. He would always be there to offer advice, support or just a shoulder to cry on. He never expected anything in return, nothing was ever too hard, and every single thing he ever did for someone was because he wanted to help, never to seek accolades.

Many times he and his wife Sandy opened their home to eBayers, and all that visited there were made to feel so welcomed that you never wanted to leave. More gracious hosts could not be found anywhere on Earth.

Sadly, Fil passed away after a battle with cancer - a battle that was impossible to win.

Throughout his struggle, his primary thoughts were always centred around his wife Sandy, and his three children, and how he could best help them to accept his approaching death. He never once said "Why me?", "It isn't fair" or any of the other myriad comments that make it so much harder for those close to him to deal with.

A gentleman to the end, he was at peace with himself and his life, and although he would have liked to prolong his time here, he had no regrets and accepted his fate.

This has been so hard to write - it's impossible to convey what a special person this man was, and still is in our hearts.

Be at peace Fil, we love you.

Memories of Fil


Sandra Barnes
Cunning Stunt


What can one say about our Cunning?
Cunning was essentially a private person and rarely spoke of her real life,
although when she did speak of her family her love and pride for ‘Mr. Cunning and the girls’ was obvious.

She faced a few challenges in her life which not many knew of as she was more interested in focusing on the bright side.
She was a beautiful lady inside and out, with a heart of gold and a knack for making the unsuspecting gag at the links she posted.
Where in the hell did she find those links???

An intelligent girl with a razor sharp wit – a post from Cunning could leave you in stitches and your worries would vanish.

Sadly, Cunning Stunt passed away on February 25, 2008.
Our hearts were broken when we learned she would never log in to FUC again.

Although we have her posts to remember her by the loss of Cunning has left a huge size 22 hole in our hearts that can never be filled.

Sleep peacefully Cunning, we love you muchly.